Senior & College Grads!!!

Wow your graduation is here!! I am super excited to share this moment with you!!! I cant wait to hear all of your hard work you put to this day!!! Now either youre heading to college or to your biggest dream job!! CAPTURING MOMENTS as I say.... I am here to tell you that I will make you remember those childhood memories while I freeze this moment of you!

Front porch session

This year has been full of surprises!! This year was supposed to be the moment of you walking with your Cap and Gown! Due to the COVID-19 many ceremonies and graduations have been postpone or cancelled. I can tell you that I am here for you! I understand the all the feelings and emotions we have going on. Many seniors see this as "this is it" But no is not! I can not tell when this is going to end but celebrate with open heart that you did it!! You finally GRADUATED!!!! This is the biggest accomplishment and be PROUD!!! 2020 GRADUATES!!! WOHOO!! I AM POPPING A WINE BOTTLE FOR YA!!


I have decided to take walks with my daughters so we can step out from this quarantine. We walked an entire neighbor hood, as we walk I noticed through the neighborhood a family was hanging a banner saying "CONGRATULATIONS"!! i had to stop by because it was coming from my work environment and also my daughters high school. I wanted to also congratulate the student, of course I kept my distance for safety of everyone.

As I seen them and had a little chat with Lolah, about her senior pictures through a studio and how she wanted something different. Gave me the idea of giving her back a porch session. Yes! PHOTOGRAPHY is not Essential and maybe i broke the law with respecting the 6 ft of distance. But i couldn't let this pass, So many students as of now they have their ceremony postpone or cancelled! This broke my heart! Truly! They worked so hard to get this accomplishment done and celebrate with family and friends. I of course asked for permission if this can be done, knowing everything going on. Parents couldn't be happier! She was excited, and I was excited. My biggest payment was the smile and happiness I was able to give for a second! Memories are meant to be capture as I say! SO, Here are some beautiful images from this front porch session.